Pengxin(Wuhan)Import & Export Co.,Ltd (original Wuhan Pengxin Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd) was founded in 2008, with import and export qualification.

Our company is committed to the import of nuclear power products from Europe and America, and certified as the supplier of CNNC and SNPTC. With years of the nuclear power performance, we become the direct provider of many nuclear power plants and nuclear power equipment factories. 

We put the interests of customers in the first place and abide by it, we provide the professional system solutions, as well as the high-quality products and comprehensive technological support to customers.

Nuclear products agency : 
1. Authorized exclusive agent of NEOLUBE nuclear lubricant and sealant of  USA Huron Industries company ;
2. Authorized agent of super-lube lubricants of USA ; 
3. Authorized agent of cutting oil of JOKISCH Germany ; 
4. Authorized agent of CANADA MOV long life nuclear grease ;
5. Authorized exclusive agent of MAESTRIA paint FRANCE; 
6. Authorized agent of USA Marco Rubber seal ring ;

7. Authorized agent of anti-corrosion products of USA Sanchem Safegard, NO-OX-ID, etc.

Pengxin (wuhan) Import & Export Trade Co.,Ltd implements a flat sales model to save the time and cost for our customers. Our goal is to become a premier platform of communication and cooperation between our domestic and foreign clients, to provide the domestic users with the cost-effective spare parts, the technique, as well as the whole solutions.

 Pengxin (wuhan) Import & Export Trade Co.,Ltd.

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